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I just seasoned the smoker and tomorrow I would like to smoke some thighs. I would like to know how long it will take and what is the best temp to smoke at.

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I smoke with apple at 225� for about 3 hrs.. times are never exact like doing a cake.. but it's close for me.
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Or try 250F for about the same time. Kinda depends how tender you like 'em and how big the chicken was.
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If you have a probe thermometer,you are probably looking to get them above 175� internal.
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Like Tom said.

The key is will they be skin on or off? Skin off, they'll dry out fast. Skin on, do it at a higher temp to finish. You'll get rubbery skin if you cook it too low.

If the skin isn't to your liking, just do it on a grill to crisp up the skin. If you're not eating the skin, cook it skin on and toss the skin.

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