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Has anyone smoked (smoke cooked) a northern pike (filets)?

If so, is it similar to other smoked fish such as salmon or whitefish? In my search, I found much on these fish but nothing on northerns or walleyes. Or is it just best to fry these in the frying pan.

Any ideas will be helpful.

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I have a neighbor who has been smoking both northerns and suckers and seems to think they are pretty good. I do know that he smokes them whole and not as fillets. Being a fellow Minnesotan, you probably know that northerns are terrific pickled. You might try that for the fun of it.
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I smoke northerns every so often. Use a brine recipe for fish but make sure it will float an egg. Keep the skin on. I usually toss in some brown sugar, garlic powder, peppercorns. I don't remember the amounts. It doesn't matter all that much. Just keep it simple

Soak em over night and smoke like any other fish.
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