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I bought a pack of hot-links at Costco and would like to cook some. How long and what temp is best for these? They're pretty big--about as big around as a kielbasa and 8" long or so. I figure I'll go light on the smoke, then maybe finish them up on the grill.

Top with some sauted onions and green pepper, a little tangy BBQ sauce, and oh man!

Your suggestions and input are appreciated.
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Hey dennis-

I assume these are a pre-cooked product? If so, I'd just go for about an hour, especially if you're gonna throw them on the grill after. I usually do these for 1 to 1.5 hoursat 225, but I haven't grilled them afterwards. I find a little extra smoke makes just about any sausage better!
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Like Matt says,you are just adding some smoke and getting them to to the sweating point.

Around 145� internal,if you are checking temps.

If they are uncooked,we go to about 157�.

Maybe 150� to finish on the grill.
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I smoked them for just under 2 hours on the top rack (had a brisket going on the middle rack). They turned out great. Thanks for the responses.
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