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I did a chuck roast in the 08 sunday for Super Bowl "comfort food". The recipe from the Forum (can't remember the author) and it was the best pot roast We ever had. it was a 4 lb US choice chuck roast, rubbed with brown gravy mix, Ranch dressing mix & italian dressing mix. put into pan w/1 cup of beef broth & into the 08. I added 1 oz hickory to add a little kick. potatoes, carrots & onions added after 6 hours. After 2 more hrs it was done. The aroma was to die for. Yesterday the Wife turned the leftovers into a stew that was also great. I would like to thank the author for a great recipe that will be used many times. The great ideas from the Forum are endless.
Thanks again everybody.

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What temp did you take it to?
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I did not check Temp. After 9 hours it looked great, the veggies were done, & the aroma got me really excited. I just let it rest for 20 min. & dug in. MMMMMMMMM good Big Grin

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170s � to slice,and 190�s to pot roast.
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Never enough to smoke !!
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RT64, does this look loke it ?? I thought the pictures would come with it, guess not ..

Pot Roast
Another thing you can do with chuck roast is make a nice pot roast dinner....complete with veggies. The one show here is made with package mixes and beef broth........

Combine 1 of each of the following dry mixes........Italian Seasoning, Ranch Dressing, Brown Gravy. Sprinkle this on both sides of the meat. I use about 1/2 the mixture and save the rest, but many folks dump the whole amount onto the meat. Then add 1 cup of beef stock or liquid of your choice. Place in the smoker and cook at 240-260� , uncovered for the first 2 hours. Then cover the top and cook another 5-6 hours. Add your veggies with 2 hours to go. Here is what you'll have when finished...........

To my tastes, this way of preparing is far superior to a crockpot!
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