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Reply to "A-Maze-N pellet smoker"

JosephParker posted:

Who can tell the best product among those listed on this site?

JeffreyThomas posted:

I need someone to pick out one best product from those on this list here.

Impossible to tell not knowing your budget, requirements and what are you going to cook which one is better. Some of them are pretty decent (like CampChefs and Traegers), some of them just not (like Masterbuilt - no offense, just talking from my experience!).  But, like, when my purchase from the yet-another-random-list was a total miss, my friend was pretty happy with his Masterbuilt. Reason? We are two different persons, and there's no such thing like an ultimate solution.
So,without any extra information from you it's hard to recommend anything, please understand - you came here and asking us to choose a grill from a site (not the list!)/which smoker is the best and I guess my random answer - for instance, Mak-2 (cost $2600 when I checked it) - won't suit you.
Why? Too pricey. 
Or too big.
Or small...

Got it now?