Reply to "A thing to watch with your smoker"

Well, I think you're stretching it a LOT to think of this as a fire hazard, I mean, what's going to catch fire? Some paper going to blow in and blow through the smoke holes and catch fire? Won't be much of a fire, since the stainless isn't combustable.

I'm just sayin Wink

Sure, anything electrical COULD cause a problem if YOU don't follow the directions.

If you never leave it unlatched, nothing will happen.

As was stated, by design it comes back on, especially given "brown outs" when the power drops for a few seconds and comes back.

We'd be hearing the reverese if it didn't come back on and ruined your meat.

Whole lot easier cooking a little air, than having to throw away some meat.

When will it be springtime so we can get back to smokin'....

Big Grin