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Reply to "Can anyone identify model?"

I get all my spices in bulk at a restaurant supply place. You can easily make your own special taco seasoning:

2 tbls corriander seeds
2 tbls cumin seeds
1 tbls red pepper flake
1 tbls onion powder
1 tbls garlic powder
1 tbls seasoning salt
1 tsp oregano

Toast seeds in a small skillet then grind in a spice mill with the red pepper flake. Add to other spices and mix with a whisk, in my case I added about 1/2 cup brown sugar and that was my rub. We're having this for dinner. Gave my neighbor and his wife half. The tomatoes we got at a You Pick farm store - a gallon clay pot of beef steak sized tomatoes with little bruises on them (probably about 18) $2.99 !! Add the green chile, the red onion and it was $3.49 for the pebre. LOL