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Reply to "Costco, Sam's or BJ's?"

Originally posted by Hoggiestyle:
Hey MaxQ,
Welcome to SC.......I live in Fort Mill!
Moved from PA 10 years ago. The R.H. Sam's is probably the worst Sam's club i have been in.
I go to the Pineville,NC store. Much cleaner and better meat selection.
In my opinion you can't beat their babybacks. Come wrapped in 3-packs. Very meaty!
Angus briskets are good also. As far as the butts....I just watch for the Harris Teeter, BILO, or Food Lion to go on sale. Usually $.99 LB.
Enjoy all the traffic.........LOL

I'll keep an eye on those stores and perhaps take a ride to Pineville. Sure wish there was a HEB store like the one I found off the Katy Freeway in Houston a few years back...Good Googly Woogly!
The traffic around Rock Hill and even on I77-I485 hasn't been too bad. I haven't been uptown yet and I hear the north side of town is the worst.

Great to see everyone!!!! Thanks for the replies.