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Reply to "Current favorite thing to smoke besides ribs, pulled pork, brisket, or chicken?"

bobmc posted:

I have been making a lot of beef ribs and pork ribs lately and I am looking for some new ideas.  I think I am going to try Mr. T's salmon recipe this weekend, but I am looking for some other new recipes to try.  What have you been cooking lately that you particularly like?

Been experimenting with sous-vide and smoking after.  Does it counts? 
Using Anova cooker, two separate EVERIE containers (for dark and white meat), Cookshack, time and patience. 
And some spices. 
It is my preferred way for chicken now, but white and dark work best at different temps so I have to cook them separate (breasts and legs, not whole unfortunately). 

upd: photo

Also smoked salt and peppers. But that's just basic. 

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