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Reply to "Discontinuing some models"

One really great tip,that MOST new folks won't take advantage of ,is buy a bunch of extra supplies and have them shipped with the cooker.

Buy the cover!

Folks think" what if,or I don't know" but the supplies are excellent and shipping them on an individual basis really runs up the cost.

I'd think about a case of gallons of sauce,and at least a couple large containers of Brisket Rub.

As soon as you start,you'll go thru them fast.

Trust me,I have no connection with the company,but you will kick yourself-a bunch because you didn't listen. Mad

If there is a deal on the 009 look at it.

You can feed two,or twenty,and it will be around when most of us are gone.

Nothing to ever fix,and you will NEVER regret the purchase.

Did Donna say,the forum operates 24/7?

Smokin's gettin' a mite old to stay up past 10 PM-at least I know I am. Big Grin