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Reply to "Discontinuing some models"

Another reason that the black powder coat was popular is that the magnets won't stick to the stainless,and fingerprints/smears don't show much on the black.

Another item to add to the shipping on your cooker is the big container of the chile mix.We've had threads on how great it is.

On woods,apple and cherry can be difficult to find locally ,so here are good mild fruitwoods that most cooks use.

Also ,one more rub,besides the truly great Brisket rub, is chicken.

For those that hotcook chicken,or do grilling,or frying,the chicken rub has no sugar-so it won't scorch.It is a cajun/creole style.

On stainless,another tip.

Get those rubber ,suction cup ,sponge holders from Bed,Bath,etc and stick to the stainless.

Holds multiple therm units and fits well around the exhaust on the FEc s.
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