Reply to "FEC100 Using Rib Racks"

I am going to make a couple of smart A$$ remarks right out of the gate. It
is obvious to me that you didn't use the 3-2-1 method. That always gets
good results for us. Secondly, you had way to much heat loss coking with
the door open and I bet your pellet consumption was terrible.

For the more serious stuff, the rib racks should not have been a factor.
Did you use the same grade of ribs as you usually use? Did your temps stay
constant in the FE or were you opening it a lot to check progress. 8 hours
they should have been fall off the bone McRib style or burned to a crisp.
We used the FE for all of our comp meats and never had a problem. And yes
we took first place finishes in every catergory we cooked.

The lazy half of the former comp BBQ team AKA Hot Wire BBQ