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Reply to "Fire in the Hole"

Just to step through the process:
1) FEC-100 installed in building, vented through roof. No wind, temp 40 degrees, burning Hickory pellets from BBQers Delight, full hopper.

2) Cooker cleaned, vacuumed, small amount of primer pellets, meat placed in, door shut.

3) Switch on, temp set to 224, time set to 20 hours.

4) Temp and smoke checked ok for 12 hours, meat temp hits 200, only control used then was dialing in 140 degrees for holding at 12 hour mark.

5) Two hours on hold temp, 140 degrees chamber reading, meat still in cooker, no doors have been opened, main switch turned off, door still closed.

6) One hour passes, after main switch turn off, noticed smoke still coming out, opened door for first time and removed meat, smoke pours out, Noticed smoke also coming out of pellet hopper, opened and found pellets warm, dug out pellets down to black hot pellets at auger feed.

7) No damage seen except for overheated paint in hopper, doors shut and latched, machine turned on to empty auger shoot of burning pellets.

I think I covered it, I do know that Cookshack Service Dept. is following this post so that should give them a good run down. Maybe we will here from F.E. on this, don't know, he's a hard one to catch.