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Reply to "Fire in the Hole"

Glad you got that JC but I think you commented before understanding why I specifically pointed it out.

It's not that simple.

If there is a fire INSIDE the auger, as it burns, it will eat up the oxygen. So inside the auger as the fire is smoldering/burning, then where does it get new air.

The fire would have to have enough oxygen not to snuff itself out, keep burning until the fire/smolder reached the pellet hopper.

So IF the pellets at the end of the auger, get hot and start burning, how does it maintain itself long enough for the fire to burn up the auger, into the pellet hopper?

So, it IS about oxygen.

FYI, in the previous versions, when the auger was IN the firepot itself, the fire could work up the auger if the air blew across the fire, lit the pellets and kept the fire burning into the pot.

That's why the redesign to a ramp where the pellets drop into the firepot. No direct contact with the flame in the current design.

This thread is the first time I've seen an issue with burnt pellets in an IQ4/Ramp model.