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Reply to "Great Service"

Originally posted by HAC111:
.. The kind of money I am paying I thought these things would be good to go right out of the box.

I think people notice the negative more readily than the positive. In an owners forum, like this, it's where people pose questions or issues. I think if you counted up the number of positive owners, it would be a very, very small number of problems. We do get owners saying how much they love them. But not everyone who owns a CS is in the forum.

When there IS a problem, we do hear from everyone.

Not to worry, get and and see what happens first. If it works as it should, great.

If it didn't (small chance) then call CS.

I don't think you've EVER seen a post where CS failed to take care of the customer. I don't work for them, but in my 11+ years, I really don't remember a negative Customer Service comment.