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Reply to "Help!! family expectations"

Don't know what impresses him,but this is good and almost foolproof.

Cook a 15 lb 2 pack of butts,overnight.

Hold in hot box.

That will yield about 8 lbs,or enough for 30 four oz sandwiches.

Cook 20 chicken thighs,about 3 hr before dining.

Let cooker hold the thighs at 140*,if necessary,until serving.

Cook 3,or 4, lbs assorted,already cooked smoked sausage to 140* internal the second hour of chicken.

Slice into 2 oz pieces,serve early with a couple choices of mustard.

Pull the pork 15 mins before thighs are done to 175* and guests are sampling sausage.

Pork can also be held in Al 1/2 pans,in cooker.

Serve chicken and pork,with sides.

Plenty of time to enjoy the crowd.