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Reply to "Incredible Brisket Recipe"

Results on my run of the recipe: Fair. I think the meat cooked about right at the temps Smokin recommended although I think on my next one I might do the crutch (foil) at 165 or 5 hrs whichever comes first. Secondly I really liked the aroma of the rub and the marinade, but the family disliked the finish sauce and thought it was too sweet.

Overall I felt inspired to combine my usual recipe and parts of this one for a hybrid that should yield great results, with the following modifications:

Marinade (overnight 12 hrs)
3 tbsp. fresh ground black pepper
3 tbsp. celery salt
2 tbsp. cinnamon
3 tbsp. sea salt
3 tbsp. garlic pepper
3 tbsp. oregano
3 tbsp. chili powder (actually I plan to use my Southwest rub)
Yellow Mustard

Lightly apply mustard to the meat then firmly rub in 1/2 of the above rub mixture, refrigerate the brisket 6-12 hrs.

Remove the brisket from the refrigerator and let it start to come to room temperature, and firmly rub in 2/3 of the remaining rub mixture.

Place in cold smoker set to 225� and smoke to 165� or 5 hrs whichever comes first, then remove the brisket from the smoker and place on a piece of aluminum foil large enough to wrap the brisket; sprinkle the last 1/3 of the rub on the brisket and close up the foil and return it back to the 225� smoker and then go with Smokin's modification: "Leave a temp probe in it. Pull it out when the temp hit 190 to 195.

The issue of pulling it this way is how long it's going to be sitting in the cooler. The longer in the cooler, pull it out at 185. Only an hour or say, pull it out at 195".

If anyone tries this out let me know it might be another week before I do my next brisket. Take care!