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Reply to "Incredible Brisket Recipe"


OK folks - I am a loyal reader and follower of these great recipes. I tried the above recipe and the flavor was superb (the marinade, rub, and the finishing sauce are fantastic).

I am running into trouble with how dry my brisket it is turning out. Here are the steps I took.

1. Marinated a 3.6# flat from Albertsons for 6 hours.
2. as it heated to room temp from the fridge I put on the rub.
3. Then set the smokette's temp to 250 and place the flat in the middle rack. Two separate temperature probes were inserted in the center of the flat and one temp was probe was monitoring the center of the smoker's temp. (Temp of the smokette air was 230 for the duration of this brisket attempt).
4. At the three and a half hour mark, the brisket's temp had plateaued at 156 degrees and stayed there for another three hours.
5. Once the brisket hit 165 degrees, I drenched the flat in the finishing juices, wrapped it in foil, reinserted the probes back into it, and then placed it back into the smokette. (Being sure to place the probes into the thickest part of the brisket with care not to touch anything else but brisket).
6. Let the smokette do its thing until the flat hit 190 degrees.
7. Pulled the flat out, and let it wrest in the foil for about 30-45 minutes.
8. The total cooking time to hit 190 degrees was 10 hours for 3.6 lb brisket. The end result was the flavor was excellent, but the flat itself, was dry, dry, dry. I've read here ow that 1.5 - 2 hours per pound is a common cooking marker. I was cooking to internal meat temp (per the wise instructions of Smokin Okie's instructions). I also know that "it's done when it's done". That's why I let the flat cook to 190 degrees without opening the smokette (almost 3-4 hours longer than it should have taken to get to 190).

OK BBQ Gurus, tell me what the heck I did wrong. I love the smokette and want to become great with it, but after all that effort and love I put into that days cooking, I am a bit disappointed with the results.

Semper BBQ,