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Reply to "Incredible Brisket Recipe"

You can burn corrugated cardboard with it IMHO,or fresh pine needles might make a welcome change.

Use the trunk,if it has plenty of sap.

It won't have any effect.

I've heard that Dollar store ketchup,is better with it than branded[probably just a rumor]

When it finishes,I'd be sure the "drugstore cowboys" were wearing their hightop aerobic shoes,rather than "manly footwear" ,when I raved how it was the best brisket I ever tasted.

Out there in Plano,you aren't far from Bill and Barb Milroy -the Texas RibRangers,one of the great comp teams of all time.

Find their rubs and sauces,all over your area.

You sure won't want to mention a Cookshack person cooked that way. Eeker

Just a couple of thoughts.
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