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Reply to "Incredible Brisket Recipe"

Like wheels says,we have two, sorta goals here.

The first ,being you can produce the product that suits you and your family.

It makes no difference,if your crowd has never tasted "product A",or ever will.

If you think tofu,makes the best bbq-good.

Easily the most important!

The other would be to allow folks to produce what might be considered "traditional BBQ"

On the comp circuit,we are judged on a point system,that allows us to rise up the levels of invitationals,etc so we kinda are competing on a level playing field.

Town,county,region,state,etc and we are hoping to rise up that ladder.

A judge in Fl-Kansas-Tn-NC-Ok-Al-Tx all knew what was comparable quality product.

The judges go to school,and they can be monitored and graded.

We suggest new comp cooks go to judging school.

That way,the new cook may be producing the best "watermelon" in his neighborhood,but the OBJECT is to produce the finest" cantelope-or English cucumbers". Eeker Red Face

Thus, when the forum is trying to allow folks to produce what is generally accepted as the best product,over the bbq cooking community.

We might point in that direction.

I'm sure that there are folks that can produce a fine "chicken fried tofu",but there is a frying joint, near Smokin's home ,that produces the "greatest fried chicken".

Fans of "great fried chicken" probably want our tips on how to replicate this, for their friends.

Of course,there are other forums that abound,that assist in producing alternatives to traditional bbq.

I guess we will try to steer folks to what bbq can taste like and Cookshack produces,and gracefully allow the popularity of crockpots,steamers,and stovetop instant smokers, in the microwave, to keep supplying the quick dishes that make the church socials.

Just my $0.02