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Reply to "Incredible Brisket Recipe"

Most experienced cooks would agree with Todd.

Yes,many folks really want to cook a brisket-so what do they do?

Some would say it is like you heard how great a free range bluefoot chicken is,but all you can find is a 10 year old banty rooster. Eeker

Can you make it as good? NO!

Can you cook it?


I'd say first,make a REAL effort to find packers.

Find a friend and order a case.

There will be around five and they freeze for a year,or two in cryovac.

Call around to your wallyworlds and see who has packers,or will order a case.

Wally will have whatever comes from their distribution center.

If they get choice,or CAB s,they toss them in with the select.

They often can't sell packers and they wind up closing the case out for $0.99/lb.

At that price you can make burgers,stews,chili,pot roast,enchiladas,tacos,etc

The grading process is not real accurate on packers,so look thru the box/pile.

Find a heavy,thick,consistent,square flat.

Look for interspersed fat,and a limber flat that will bend easily.

Call independent markets and see if they will order a case.

If it is worst case,and folks won't make the effort-we have threads on cooking flats-so I won't go into them here.