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Reply to "Initial Report On Our New Charbroiler"

Originally posted by SmokinOkie:
Good luck, you'll put some great stuff out on both of those. What kinds of things will you be grilling/smoking? (maybe a new thread to discuss your venture in the pros forum?)

I agree with the grease pan, but it's not emptying it that's the issue as you actually need to more often put water in there (to prevent flair ups).

I've mentioned this to Stuart. The heat expands the metal and it's tight. I would mention that to them as an issues for your purchase and I'm sure they'll work on it.

It is primarily for restuarants inside, so the initial design was without any seal. I do keep mine covered when not in use, with a good cover and only once had an issue after 6" of rain.

I would mention that too. I don't think it's a hard fix, but I don't know if that's been corrected on the current models.

Wow! Thank you for your response - nothing like going to the top in here! Do I just look for a contact email address for Stuart on the Cookshack website?

I'd seen you mention previously that you'd purchased a cover for the charbroiler. I've looked and haven't found anything that will fit. Could you share a link with me for the cover?

Any idea how difficult it is to roll the units in and out over the low thresholds (the ones required in commercial bldgs) We'll store the Fec inside but will use it outside. I read they can be a little top heavy and unruly going over bumps. Will it be necessary to change the casters to get over the threshold?

Love this site!!!