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Reply to "Introduce Yourself -- Time for a CS RollCall"

Let's see those OTHER companies match that.

Thanks for the story Donna.

Hey, question, does CS have any photos from the early days? A suggestion is to add some of this info in your monthly newletter and add to the site. Great story. Now go get a tissue Wink

But I was gonna give you a hard time about taking so long to post then I said to myself "HEY" dummy, it's your turn. Actually I hadn't posted because I wanted to hear your stories, not mine Wink

Hi There, I'm Smokin Okie, but you knew that Big Grin

Been barbecuing/smokin/grillin ever since I first fired up the weber in the family's back yard in the 60's. Eventually got an ECB (El Cheapo Brinkman) and work on perfecting simple Q. There wasn't anyone around to ask, everyone kept their secrets and there weren't any Low and Slow books. Along the way, traveled the world (over 100 countries) learned about food and how everyone else does it, taught a little about Q'in and then this internet thing comes along. Worked with a few teams in contests, became a Certified Judge (with Mrs. Smokin') and the story grows every year.

It's my absolute pleasure to share any knowledge I have about Q. When my wife bought my first Cookshack at the Okie State Fair, I hadn't heard of CS. But my wife wanted to see more of me instead of seeing me go out the door to stoke the fire on the offset.

After a while, I bugged Donna on the original forum (it's fun to read some of that old stuff now and then, but I REALLY prefer the new forum):

Original CS Forum

I truly love the people at CS, they're great to work with and work real hard and they have more surprises in store for everyone and we ALL make this the best Q'in Forum on the internet.

Give ya'll a virtual hug and pat on the back from me.