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Reply to "Introduce Yourself -- Time for a CS RollCall"

Hi Guys and Gals.
I'm a new member but not a new cook or guy, having just celebrated my 70 th.bday.
My successful smoking has thus far been limited to salmon
hot smoked in an Old Smokey, as directed by my old pal Willi. Wonderful, in fact the best i have ever eaten,all credit to Willi.
Willi has just passed away (idiotic phrase)
so i am the sad recipient of his much used 1998 # 55 and lots of spare parts.
He was German which explains the back up parts!

My interests are cooking, fishing,reading,(i will read a milk carton)and voracious information seeking on the net.
I was formerly a big game hunter from Newfoundland to Alaska as well as a trap and skeet shooter and avid handloader and pistol hunter. My freshwater fishing exploits are well known in some circles and some wonder when i found time to work!

My interest NOW is to learn this 55.
Jeff at CS has already been helpful with some technical matters as my pal Willi had modified his smoker to better serve his personal ideas which were developed in the big deli's and butcher shop/smoke houses of Europe.

Be patient with me as i'm half italian and half german myself and the German half is anal to a fault..(ask my wife of 48 years)!!

Thanks to all for listening.