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New Amérique owner, large brisket question

Hey, all...

I'm new to the Cookshack forum as well as a new Amerique owner.... Certainly not new to the world smoking and grilling, however I am a novice at brisketing, and definitely at using the SM066 although everything I have put through it has turned out amazing.

With that being said, I contacted a meat cutter friend of mine who came up with a 19 lb Choice packer, and I'm gonna give it a go for my buddies Superbowl party on Sunday... (I know, I'm breaking one of the 10 commandments in regards to guinea pigging all of my friends with something new) however I have confidence that I can make this thing turn out and turn out well. Go big, or go home; nothing ventured, nothing gained, throw out whatever cliche you want, this is what I'm smokin and I'm going to nail it!

Two things:

(1) without having the experience with this particular smoker with this large of a piece of meat,  my biggest concern is having it cooked properly to take it over to the party, (so time management), and (2) Is it safe to assume that since the heat does come from the bottom, would I be wise to go ahead and put this behemoth piece of beef fat side down?

I've scoured the forum to look for answers regarding cooking time for this size of brisket, but was not successful, so if it's been covered already, I certainly apologize. I see everyone talking about smoking anywhere from 6-12 pound briskets, and that would seem a bit more straightforward than smoking this thing that's probably still going to weigh close to 17 pounds AFTER I trim it up.

If I want to be on the road headed to the big game party at 1 pm on Sunday with Brisket wrapped and in a cooler to rest for a few hours, what time should I legitimately start this cook? I figure cooking at 250 degrees, cold up to 165, wrapping in paper and finishing up to 202 (or thereabouts). Is 12 hours really going to be long enough, or am I looking at closer to 16 or even 20? I have no intensions of opening the door until my alarm goes off on my thermometer, so interrupted heat won't be an issue (unless for some reason the damn power fluctuates in the middle of the night.)

Any insight or help would be much appreciated, and I'll post pictures in my follow up.

Best Regards, Matt (aka MeatE.Or)

Eastern Oregon

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