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New Amerique, 5 nights, 5 Smokes.......

Well, after several years lusting for a Cookshack smoker, I pulled the trigger and got one!! I REALLLY wanted the FEC100 and the (ahem) boss, told me AFTER I ordered the Amerique I should have gotten the FEC. Oh Well.... I really do like the Amerique and I think it will do us well. So the smokes....

1st night (Wed.), needed somthing quick because I had to season the smoker first. So how about some quick dry brined Steelhead Trout, skin on. Threw a brine together with some onion powder, garlic powder, ginger powder, kosher salt and turbinado sugar for a couple of hours. Brushed it off then applied a little olive oil and smoked at 200 degress to an internal 140 degrees with 1 1/2 oz apple chunks(about 1 1/2hrs). Turned out VERY good.

2nd night (Thur.) 3 Racks of Loin back Ribs, Dry rub, 3 racks of Loin back ribs, came home early put 'em in at 12:30 at 225 degrees with 3oz apple pecan chunks at 3 to 1, 7 hr cook. Turned out GREAT, my wife said best ribs she ha every had (I think she was being nice, thery were good though).dry rubbed (homemade rub recipe) a brisket and put it into the fridge.

3rd night(Fri.) smoked Grouper filet, the best so far. Marinated a 2.25# skin on filet in Kikkoman Terriyaki, for about 1 1/2 hrs, then drained and oiled with a good olive oil. Smoked at 200 degress to 130 degrees internal (about 1 1/2 hrs) with 2 oz 3 to 1 mix of apple and pecan. Still very moist and was consumed quickly!! Put two pork butts with rub in with brisket in fridge.

4th day, got up early Saturday and put the brisket flat in the smoker with 4 oz 3 to 1 mix pecan and cherry. Smoked 9 hrs at 225 degrees to an internal of 190 degrees, I removed and wrapped in foil with a cup bourbon/apple juice at 160 degrees, placed back in smoker until 190 degrees. It was just OK, very good taste, but a little dry (HELP!!!!) I let it rest for 45 minutes before slicing. Again good but dry, froze leftovers in vacumn sealed bags with apple juice.

4th night/5th day Sat night-Sunday morning/afternoon. I put the two pork butts into the smoker at 8:00pm at 225 degrees with 4 1/2 oz 3 to 1 mix apple and pecan. I started to spritz with apple juice/cider vinegar mix at 180 degrees at 9:30 Sunday morning about every hour or so. I took the butts out at 12:30 in the afternoon (16 1/2 hr cook) when the smaller butt was at 194 degrees and the larger one was at 188. I let them rest for an hour wrapped in foil with some of the cider vinegar/apple juice mix. I unwrapped the butts the blade bones were easily removed by twisting by hand. Both butts pulled effortlessly with forks. The larger butt at lower temp was much more moist, so I will adjust my temps. The burnt ends were spectacular! My wife said stick to the fish and butts!!! She also made me promise to smoke her a turkey............

I think I will keep the Amerique!!!
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