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Reply to "New Business, advice"

Smokin Okie,

Tactfully put. I believe that the consumer will let me know how my product is. Beyond that, I pose this question that was asked of me.

"Can you make a better hamburger than McDonalds?"

Most people respond, "absolutely!"

"do you have a better business system than McDonalds?"

Here is where most people humbly reply "No."

I believe that if I can cook up some good Q and I have a STRONG business system, I can be successful. As I mentioned, I have three months of daily, all day long, researching and investigating. I have hired a professional business counselor and have been consulting regularly. I do not hope to be successful, I am determined to be!
My point? Your advice and your time are not wasted, because I am very serious! I am listening closely and will continue to review and assimilate all advice and suggestions in my quest to have a very successful business. I will read all the posts under the professionals forum here, and hopefully become stronger in the process.

I humbly remain here listening to all advice, and again I thank you kindly for your time and help!

Jason Hubbard