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Reply to "New chef owner need help......"

Originally posted by Cook One:
OK, so a CB for a backyard grill is not just a vulgar display of wealth, but would be useful even when you are just going to grill a few hamburgers? Is this what I'm hearing?

...vulgar display of wealth... well CS does Sponsor me as a BBQ Contest team Big Grin

Here the way I would answer that.

How much? How much of what will you ever be cooking?

The FE Pellet Grill has enough space to do a fair bit of food with both a direct/grill side and an indirect/smoking side.

The CB is fixed BUT it depends. the 36" has three burners. I can turn one on (the right one) the left and center ones or all three.

I consider the CB a grill. Direct and hot and on high runs at 600+ degrees

So how much do you want/need to cook (sq in") and what kind (grilling/direct, smoking or combined)