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Reply to "Pellet Grill vs Charbroiler"

For a grill?

I love the CB. I've used it about 5 times.

As far as wood flavor over gas, they both work. The FEPG has a pretty small direct grill, so I prefer the CB as a grill. I'll use the FEPG when I'm only cooking a few items.

Wood flavor? First time I cooked on it, Mrs. Smokin' didn't know it was wood and she noticed a flavor difference (she thought I might still be using my old gasser).

The way this is set up the left controller controls the left and middle fire pots and the right controller controls that pot (on the 36" version).

I haven't fully tested on H/M/L what the temps are as most of my grilling has been on high. So you don't have infinitely variable temps, just the three settings.

I've temped with an infrared on High and had it running near 650. Not bad on 100% wood.

The removable trays are to give any ash a place to settle and stick and a place for grease to drip if you have much. You do have to refil them with water if you're running it on high.

Let the temp get up and the cast iron grates get super hot and give great grill marks.

For clean up I just run it on high for 15 min or so and then brush the food off the grates.

Points I need to test.

1. Pellets. You'll burn up a lot of pellets on high. I haven't tested it/weighed what I used but the hopper holds plenty.

2. Weather. There isn't a cover "yet" and I know they're working on it. I did have a light cover on mine and did have some water get to my pellets and thus I had a case of pellet crete. I took my grill cover and put it over the CB so I wouldn't have a repeat. As most of these are in restaurants, I've emailed CS and told them about this, expect a resolution soon from Stuart.

3. Temps. Want to try all settings and do a temp mapping on the grill to see where the hot spots are.

More questions? I'll be happy to test something for you this weekend Smiler