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PIC: Removing Broken Hinge Pin

I have an issue similar to the OP here. In my case, I got distracted for a few years (three kids!) and while cleaning up outside, rediscovered my old Model 08. The top door pin had sheared off, leaving a piece inside the door hinge and the rest inside the smoker hinge.

I called up CS and they suggested I drill it out and replace it with a bolt. I managed to drill out the pin from the door, but the smoker itself is a unique challenge... The drill chuck prevents me from getting a clean angle to drill it out. I heated the hinge with a torch and tried to punch it out, but had no luck there either. I don't have a welder to replace it. Any ideas? Am I stuck making friends with a welder or paying someone to do this work?

I've gotten comments on the extension shown in the pic - without it, I get a worse angle. It's just a quick bit release that came with my Mad Dog bits.

Thanks for looking and for the help!


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