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Pretty close to saying I am sorry I bought it.... FEPG500

Ok, so I thought I did enough homework to justify buying the FEPG over a Traeger Crapco roadshow Chinesium special.  Well I am at about 10 cooks in.  the FEPG is a good grill above 300 degrees.  I can't get it to go low and slow, e.g 170-180.  Tried the factory set 10-50, and changed that to 10-30.  Got 6o degree overshoots on 170 degress turned some $15/lb wild salmon into Jerky.  Low and slow is important to me.....

Any suggestions are appreciated.

The other problem I have is bridging, Running Pit boss competition, pellets are dry at least to me, and have bridged twice now with pretty full hoppers.

Also get a crapton of dust everywhere,  thats on me I guess for not sifting.  Cookshack should tell you that though.

Lastly, says you can cold smoke in the warming drawer, does that really work?  what temp do you run the main grill at.  Fall is coming.

I am guessing I need something like 10/30 for below 250  Thinking 15/50 for 250-450 and probably 30/100 for 450 plus

So far running Pit Boss Competition pellets....  I have others  giving up on a bag isnt how I want to do it. 

Help appreciated.

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