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Reply to "Pretty close to saying I am sorry I bought it.... FEPG500"

DDB -  Would it have been that hard to say how you got your grill to work?  I think not, but hey, its more fun for you to read posts about people burning up Q.  It is good to know that however that some folks do have good success with  Beyond Meat Products on the grill, while  watching CNN, and wearing Biden Tshirts.  Because no true American would get their Jollies by watching another one fail.

If Electrotech is Cookshack, then man o man, its way off  I have been doing combustion controls  (the engineer in Gator is for a reason) for over 35 years, and I can tell you that what cookshack as a manufacturer wrote is not even technically close.

Let me start with the very basics for you.  Wood has an energy content, a certain amount of wood releases a certain amount of heat, the more wood the more heat.   What I don't know with the cookshack is if the air supplied by the blower is held constant or changes with either Temperature or LHT.  In real combustion controls, Air Always leads fuel when the temperature is increased.  which means that there is always more air available than fuel to make sure you don't form CO.  Likewise when Temperature is decreased Fuel is removed before air is reduced. 

I don't hear the grill blower changing sounds so its either fixed for a given temperature or completely fixed regardless of fuel.  if it is completely fixed that explains why ash is getting blown around and all over the food at low temps.....

Just like an oven (for DDBs) benefits the higher the temperature you want the more fuel, electricity, gas or in this case would you have to burn.  This means that you have to change HHT and LHT as temperature varies, if you don't change HHT then you are going to start overshooting low more and more as you cook hotter.  It isn't optional.  So with the current setup, you are going to have to adjust these depending on your temp.  If all you are doing is brisket, then it may be a set it and forget it unit.  If you want to hot smoke a salmon 170F, and then make a pizza 600F you are going to have some (a lot) fiddling around to do.  Because while there is a chance 10/30 might get you to 600 in a long enough time frame, it wont stay there for long

Some takeaways for Cookshack, if you want to take and make this machine into the best BBQ machine ever made you need to do the following:

1) Variable speed auger - as a minimum, variable speed auger (and a variable speed blower, even better), then its simple PID control.  If you do this and air doesn't change, then the food will get ashy at low temps.

2) Fix the  hopper, the angles are too shallow and pellets bridge.  Steeper angles is less metal.

If you don't want to do that at least fix your manual

Get a few brands of different pellets and put together a table for folks to set LHT and HHT.  It would go along way to have the vendor acknowledge the issues with the machine and tell folks how to fix em

Tell them that hoppers occasionally bridge and this should be the number 1 troubleshooting issue.  A bang on the side usually with fix this

Note one needs to be to always sift their pellets