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Regularity of ash and firepot cleanout of FEC120

Hi there

Just now placing my order for the FEC 120 - its been a long road but the location has finally been secured.

We need to locate the smoker at either end of the main line in the kitchen - in the left position on the line is more efficient of overall space, but access is more difficult, the right wastes space but access is easier.

I am here concerned mainly with cleaning out ash and vacuuming out the firepot. The left position I have to pull the smoker out of its slot (has minimum clearances) and then access the burner chamber, on the right I have room to simply crouch down without moving the machine (crouch, yes, I am 5'19").

Now, I don't mind pulling it out to clean, but am wondering how often I actually need to access it to clean/vacuum ashes etc?

Say I am doing one long overnight cook (PBs and brisket) followed by a short rib cook, followed by a short chicken cook .... (say 12+4+2), do you think I need to access every day? Using published rates of 40lbs pellets producing 8oz ash, and assuming I use (say, conservative) 1.5lbs hr (cooking hot :-)), then 18 hrs is 27/40 of 8 oz, lets say 6 oz of ash ... Do I need to clean every day, 3 times a day (between cooks) or say every few days?

Probably best practice is every day min, perhaps between every cook, but what is people's experience?

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