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Reply to "Rubs - Flavor Effect"

Originally posted by reevus:

Do I need another rub?

Steve P.

As you develop your technique for different meats/poultry, it's fun to experiment with different seasoning rubs. I happen to like a basic spicy salt & pepper rub on brisket. For ribs and pork butts I like a bit more sugar to build bark and offset the vinegar in my BBQ sauce (ribs) and finishing sauce (pulled pork). Chicken...I like a combo of all.

If you're close to a food club, spices are reasonably cheap and you can experiment creating your own. The other route is to buy a few rubs via the internet. If you wish to try making your own rubs to experiment with, Google up Paul Kirk's "Championship Sauces & Rubs". He details a number of flavor profiles and recipes.

If you want to PM me, I'd be happy to suggest the rubs I've purchased via the internet and their uses.