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Reply to "Rubs - Flavor Effect"

Originally posted by Chef-Boy-Arnie:
I have a rub I use on everything from a recipe I bought from Jeff

You bought a recipe? Wow, there are a bajillion free ones out there and we have a bunch of free ones too.

Maybe I should sell my brines...


That's just a normal thing in Q. You'll get tired of the same thing and want to change it up.

Change the rub
Change the sauce
Change the wood
Change the method

Lots of options. 40+ years I'm still changing all the time.

For me, I like more salt in my pork, my beef more pepper and my chicken varies.

Variety is the spice of life and it's fun to experiment.

How will you ever know if what you're doing now (for a rub) couldn't be improved on.