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Reply to "Slicing Knife Suggestion"

Originally posted by Smoke N Italy:
... but I have always found CUTCO to make the best knives in the world!
They are simply, THE best. Of course thats just my opinion.
Good luck

Since the question is which one to buy, I'll say no to Cutco, they're Stamped Knives (not good).

From what I remember, the Cutco knives are the ones I see sold at State Fairs all the time.

Been buying GOOD knives since the 70's and done plenty of research, but can't say I remember seeing Cutco listed on the Best Knives to buy.

When in doubt on a knife, just good "xxxx knife reviews" you'll get great input.

Example: Google search on "cutco knife reviews"

Forschner is made in Switzerland and is a pretty good all around. There are better and there are worse, but the price is usually reasonable.

The KEY is to keep them sharp. I have mine professionally sharpened once a year ($2 a knife) and use a steel EVERY time I use it inbetween.

got my eye on a fancy sharpener, but haven't pulled that trigger yet.