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Reply to "Slicing Knife Suggestion"

Yes,Forschner is stamped and can start out sharper.

Yes,it can lose it's edge, faster than my German knives,but I can bring it up in 20 seconds.

Yes,I have bought large,and growing knife collections for my "redneck,hillbilly,and coonass relatives".

Different knives ,for different uses.

The Forschner,gets used an awful lot.

Yes,I have the pro equipment,that allows me to work my German blades back up.

Yes,it is easier to mail them off,pay shipping and insurance,for $100.

No, my soft Forschner can not hack thru nails,nor chop raw turkey tendons from a 25 pounder.

Don't ask how I know. Red Face

Yes,as mentioned above,we like to use relatively inexpensive cleavers to chop.

But,I can bring it up to shave thumb nails in a half minute.