SM009 Temperature Test / "blocking" heat

I just got off the phone with Cookshack Technical Support regarding the inability of my SM009 to reach proper cooking temperature (set at 225). I had attempted a smoke yesterday - with three full rack of ribs - and my SM009 never did make it to the target temperature of 225 degrees (even after 5.5 hours!).

It turns out that likely this is the result of improper loading of the pork loin back ribs (a.k.a. Baby Back Ribs) I was cooking.

I was attempting to cook three full racks of ribs in my SM009 as follows: a). Each rack was cut in half b). I had two halves on each of the three shelves in my SM009.

Cookshack Tech Support (thanks, Tony!) indicates that the bottom shelf - with one full rack of ribs - was likely the culprit. He said that likely this bottom shelf was preventing the proper circulation of heat.

At Tony's suggestion, I ran a Temperature Test in my Smokette as follows: a). Put my probe thermometer close to the Cookshacks thermostat b). Set the Smokette to 225 degrees. c). For a duration of three hours, take readings at 10 minute intervals.

I'm attaching the results of my test. Lo and behold: The Smokette seemed to be fluctuating properly on each side of 225 degrees.

Lesson learned: It really does make a difference on how one loads meat product into the Smoker. It has been recommended to me to load meat in an "upside down pyramid" style - to allow for the proper ciruclation of heat.

I thought I'd share this problem/research with the form.

Has anyone else out there experienced similar problems?

Joshua Dinerman
Laytonsville, MD


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