Reply to "SM009 Temperature Test / "blocking" heat"

All these are good and workable solutions.

A thought to be, would be that this is not an "exact science".

The goal is to "eventually" get smoke/heat to drift/infiltrate around the product.

There is no "rule" like "this is wet paint and nothing can touch,or be near anything else".

Think about watching cooks at a bbq ,or a large restaurant,with lots of slabs to cook.

There will be lots of shifting,touching,moving,trading places,and removing ,when different items are finished.

Yes,we would like to not open the door too much,because that will extend cooking time.

But,that is also how we learn,take notes,make adjustments,etc.

After awhile,our experience will narrow the time window dramatically,and we also will know how much time to allow for a finished product.

Just my $0.02