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Reply to "Smoked Prime Rib with reverse sear for NYE dinner"

OK, so the cook was a success!  I smoked the PR for about 4 (6-10pm) hours at 200 F until it reached 113 F internal.  It has a nice smoked exterior and was still running juices out. I placed in my oven to rest a while (without heat but oven was still warm from previous use). Then around 10:45 I set the oven on high bake at 400 F and let it roast for about 15 minutes or so. I didnt monitor temp, just how it looked, plus we were about ready to eat.  I let it rest for 10 minutes then started to carve, and wow, it was the most amazing cut I've seen. Literally cut like butter with a nice rare interior. I cut between the bones so portions were thick, got two ends off for those that prefer that. Photo below is one slice plus a portion of one leftover. Smoke flavor was strong, so I may reduce amount of wood next time. The CS really does a great job of imparting smoke flavor with very little amount of wood. My Masterbuilt would never match this.

Looking forward to leftovers which always seem to taste better!

Happy New Year all!20211231_175215[1]




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