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Reply to "temp on smo66"


Heck yes, I have a 2006 version in black steel on the outside called the SM150 (the SM160 is all stainless on the outside). You'll be very comfortable - like I said above, look at the commercial products in the link at the bottom of the page. The SM160 has 5 18x18 shelves, plenty of room for 10 pork butts. You could probably avoid using the bottom shelf altogether (I think it's a little too hot down on that shelf) and do your 10 LARGE butts without a problem. If you consider a pork butt to be 8 pounds or so you can easily cook 10 of those. Really awesome unit. Here's mine on our deck, love it !!

Specs stated in that link for the SM160:

Cooking Capacity Pork Butts: 120 lbs., Brisket: 100 lbs., Ribs: 50 lbs. or 20 chickens per load
Cooking Surface Qty 5 - 18" x 18" (45.7 x 45.7 cm) nickle plated grills, 5" (12.7 cm) apart
Fuel Source Electricity
Fuel Usage 1.67 lbs. of wood required to smoke a full 100 lbs. load of briskets
Temperature Settings 100°-300° F
Controllers/Firepots IQ4 electronic time/temperature digital control system; includes pre-sets, alarm cycle, 16-character LCD display and a quick change module. The controller can be customized.