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Turkey Options -- Spatchcocking 101

Okay, with the recent questions and seeing that some people hadn't tried this before or didn't even know what it was, here I go.

I had a practice turkey so wanted to give you some photos and options.

The whole idea of spatchcocking is to open the whole bird up, lay it flat and cook it flat. You can use this for Chicken as well.

Those that love to Spatchcock say that it cooks faster and the whole bird comes out even.

When I'm doing just turkey, I'll do this sometimes as an option. You really need enough space in your smoker to do this, but I LOVE the parting out of the meat, just makes trimming later that much quicker/easier.

I like this for the flexibility it gives me, that if the white/dark get done at different times, you can take them off when done.

Start with a whole turkey:

To Spatchcock you need to remove the spine.

This photo shows the area I'll cut out. I use a share knife and some kitchen shears

This photos shows the spine removed (and that's it at the bottom of the photo

I like to remove the keel bone. That's the white shape above the spine. You can see where it was removed in the middle of the turkey, where you see the meat. I like to to this for easier trimming later and it lays flatter. NOTE: it is rather difficult to remove. You have to cut carefully and not ruin the breast meat.

Here's a view with the bird turned over.

You can cook it just like this OR
see the photo after this one

Part out the bird. I cut the dark quarters off (thigh/leg) IMPORTANT. Be very away of the skin and where you cut it. You want to leave as much as skin as you can for the breast meat (which I didn't do this time to show you what happens if you cut it close. Just keep this in mind when you trim out the dark pieces.

Loaded in the smoker. I try to off set them so the bird above doesn't drip on the ones below.


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