Reply to "Turkey Report - 2011"

1. Cookshack Elite. 025
2. 8.1 lb breast, 20.2 lb whole turkey
3. Breast brined 24 hrs in Smokin's Holiday Brine. Whole bird brined 42 hrs. Drained, dried, and air dried for 5 hrs.
4. Into preheated smoker set at 250*. Kicked up to 300* when breast went into smoker. Small chunk Pecan. Cheesecloth until last hr. Whole turkey done in oven.
5. Smoker time 3 hrs.
6. Both birds absolutely perfect. Tasty and moist. Love that brine. My best slicing job yet. Got rave reviews on both birds. Smoke bird won hands down.

Sorry no pictures.

Day after Thanksgiving. We had the best smoked turkey sandwiches I've ever eaten. And I've eaten a few.
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