Reply to "Turkey Report - 2011"

1: Which smoker - Smokette 008
2: Turkey Size - Instead of a whole bird I did parts from Whole Foods. Two boneless breast halves totaling 7.3 lbs. Four
bone in thighs totaling 4.1 lbs. Combined weight 11.4 lbs.
3: Preps - Salt cured (dry brined)3 days and air dried 1 day. Ground sage, bay, onion powder, garlic powder, smoked paprika,
and cumin added to the salt.
4: Smoker temp - Pre heated smoker at 200F with 4 oz. apple. Smoked for 1 hour to lay on some smoke then transferred to a
300F oven to braise on a bed of root vegetables and a little turkey stock. Pulled and FTC'd breasts at 155F. Ditto with
thighs at 165F.
5: Total Time - Cook time was a little over 3 hours. FTC time was around 2 hours.
6: Comments - Perfect results. Taste, texture, and correct finish temps of white a and dark meet were on the money. I've
been doing turkeys with this procedure (parts + salt cure + smoker/oven combo) for the past few years and it never fails.

As an aside, my humble 008 got a nice workout this Thanksgiving. Smoked butternut squash and poblanos that were the base for a soup. Also smoked garlic that was used in a side dish of roasted fingerling potatoes with figs and thyme, and double smoked bacon that was used in an Italian sausage and cornbread dressing. The little guy is going on 9 years old and just keeps chugging along.