Reply to "Turkey Report - 2011"

My Thanksgiving turkey is a couple of days late.
Didn't want to be pressured for perfection on Thursday, and most of my family doesn't care for turkey that much.

Anyway, for all the details:
Smoker: SMO45
Turkey: 12 pound Butterball
Preps: S.O. Holiday brine for 48 hours
dired in referigerator overnight,
stuffed cavity with celery, carrots,
and onions.
Smoker Temp: 275 degrees (outside temp 32)
turkey 40 degrees.
Total time: 3 hours- I went to check to see if it was ready for the cheesecloth treatment and it was already done.
Comments: Happy with first turkey, may try another at slightly lower heat- 250? Got it FTC'ed right now- done a lot sooner than expected- dinner later this afternoon.


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