Reply to "Turkey Report - 2011"

Thanks to all for Turkey 101, Brine 101 because I made a killer bird today.
025 smoker.
Two oz hickory one oz apple.
300 degrees on a 13.5 lb turkey and it cooked fast. Just under three hours. I had to adjust down so it came reasonably close to wifes stuffing.
Covered with cheese cloth soaked 50/50 in butter and citrus flavored olive oil.
Stuffed bird with apple, orange, onion, celery.
Had twelve people and they loved the turkey. WHEW!
I stayed close the brine and rub recipes. put the rub herbs in melted butter and spread under the skin. One thing you should check out is the smoked Paprika from Costco. Very nice ingredient .
Also went well with egg nogs with a shot of almond flavored tequila and a shot of Kaluha. Excellent. Also the loaded coffe cup with a shot of Baileys, Kaluha and Jameson's Irish Whisky.