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Turkey Breast - dry brined

Smoker: 020 smokette
Turkey size: 10-11#, fresh, no pre-processing
Preps: Butchered out breasts(bone-in, 1.7# each)
Dry brined breast with kosher salt and a little poultry seasoning. (1 tbsp salt per 5lb meat, per this technique). Zip bagged for 3 days in fridge. Rinsed well and air dried in fridge. CS spicy chicken rub. 3 matchbook-sized 1/2" thick pecan chunks.
Smoker temp: 250*
Cook Time: Around 90 minutes. Put temp probe in each breast and took to 156/157*. Removed and let rest in foil tent. Finished skin side down in hot skillet with grape seed oil and butter to crisp skin.

Comments: This was 3 firsts. Dry brining, removing at 155*, and finishing skin in skillet. Removed at 155* to leave room for finishing in skillet. Skin side down in hot pan for 6-7 minutes but I'm sure it cooked a little more. Skin was crisp. I think I can improve my technique finishing in pan but if this is as good as it gets, I'm happy. Smoke flavor perfect - to the bone. Moist, tender, but firm meat.

De-boned and sliced for sandwiches. Served on fresh Demi baguettes with mayo and romaine. Will do this again! Smiler


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