Reply to "Turkey Reports - 2009"

1: Which smoker
2. Turkey Size
3. Preps
4. Smoker temp
5. Total Time

14 Pound Zacky fresh turkey not enhanced.
Smokin Okies Holiday Brine made 3 gallons monday midnight put brine in large cambro tuesday am into refrigerator.
Put turkey in brine tuesday 8:00 pm took out of brine thursday 3:00 pm.
Smoker temp 300 degrees
Wood 2 oz cherry
1 stick of unsalted butter under skin
Covered with cheese cloth soaked in 1 stick melted butter mixed with teaspoon Cookshack rib rub.
Put turkey in at 3:49 pm took out at 7:39 pm breast temp 163
Juices ran clear breast meat very moist I wish it would have had resting time only 5 to 10 min.
Didnt try the legs cut up what was left.


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