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Reply to "Used SM055"

Originally posted by BigMikeinNJ:

Can you get access to exotic meat like elk or deer or such ?? You could do a pork LOIN if it has a big fat cap on it. You might need to go to a larger town that has a big meat market. I lived in Chile for a year and they had butcher shops and huge markets with really good meat departments - BUT the meat cuts were really different there. You could get 15 kinds of ham that the deli's and even convenience stores had that they would thin slice and sell by the pound BUT try to find a ham to bake yourself, no chance. The butcher didn't comprende... Same with beef cuts, some very different looking stuff. Most of the meat was from Argentina and Brazil and was outstanding, just cut very differently.

DO a lot of searching on chickens. Brining is a big part of it - brine overnight and then "splatchcock" the body in half and smoke in your 55. Then flip onto the grill to crisp the skin. You'll get great flavor but a rubbery skin because of low smoker temps.

Enjoy that puppy !!

Haven't really looked for deer, elk, or moose. Only time I've had deer or moose is when my uncles have shot one. Nearest elk is probably at least a thousand miles away. I'm in Waterloo Ontario which is about an hour west of Toronto.

Lots of good meat available locally, it's just the more "exotic" cuts of meat like pork butts and beef brisket and such is not as easy to find.

I understand the rubber skin on poultry. I normally would smoke chickens standing (pic below) up on a stand and the skin would come out dry and edible and not rubbery. Curious to see how they turn out in the Cookshack.

Also, just took the racks out of the dishwasher and they look brand new! Sprayed down the inside of the smoker with Orange TKO and scraped down the inside with a plastic scraper. Progress!