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Reply to "Whole Pork Leg Questions?"

So 6 hours in temp was 154F, so I wrapped in foil. Had a nice bark on it, some shrinkage noticed around the bone which was now protruding on the smaller end. Overnight I dropped the temp from 250 to 200 as I didnt want it to cook too fast and as of 7am the meat was 192 so I increased temp back up to 225 to bring final temp of the leg to about 200 when I'll pull and rest it.  If this leg isn't tender I don't know what to say.  The drip tray is about 1/3 full, but after wrapping no more drippings anyway. So this 22.71lb leg appears to cook quicker than I expected, in all now 17-18 hours and I had to lower temp from 250 to 225 to 200 then back up to 220. Should be done at about 8am so total of 18 hours. Probably could have been done in 10-12 hours if I kept temp at 250. Still have to decide if I'll broil the skin in the oven or not, I'll have to give it a taste first.

Note to self: Don't forget to place some foil over the wood box lid!

Note: I added a 3rd chunk of Hickory at about the 3 hour mark. There was still a little left over from the first two pieces.

Photo below is at 6 hours, 154 F, prior to wrap.



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